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At Zawaya Properties Company, we are dedicated to leading the way in the real estate development industry. Holding a rich lineage that stretches over ten years, our demonstrated track record serves as a compelling endorsement of our proficiency. Having clocked a decade plus in continuous operation, we’ve accumulated vast knowledge, equipping us to consistently produce premier real estate answers that cater to our client’s diverse requirements. We’re not simply developers; we’re pioneers set on reshaping the contours of the real estate sector, one initiative at a time.

Choosing to work with Zawaya Properties Company brings a multitude of advantages. Combining profound sector comprehension with an unwavering dedication to superiority, we guarantee every venture we embark upon meets the most rigorous standards. Our understanding of the market’s intricacies empowers us to design real estate approaches that are not only structurally solid but also economically sustainable. Prioritizing partnership and transparent dialogue, we involve our clients in every phase of the process, nurturing a professional bond that cultivates trust and reciprocal esteem. With Zawaya, you’re not just getting a real estate developer; you’re gaining a partner committed to turning your vision into reality.


Zawaya Properties is committed to crafting superior, sustainable real estate solutions that uplift and enrich the residential and professional spaces of our clients. We aim to utilize our industry expertise and innovative practices to deliver projects that meet and exceed expectations, fostering growth and prosperity within the communities we serve.


Our aspiration is to emerge as a paramount real estate development entity that establishes the gold standard for distinction, innovation, and ecological consciousness in the Middle East. We endeavor to influence the evolution of real estate by developing unique, sustainable properties that exhibit not only structural integrity but also economic viability, thereby enhancing the vitality and prosperity of our city.

Corporate Social Responsibility

Our commitment to Corporate Social Responsibility is deeply rooted in our business practices. We are dedicated to fostering a positive societal impact by incorporating environmentally friendly strategies into our undertakings, endorsing green practices, and upholding equitable and ethical interactions with all our stakeholders. Furthermore, we are actively involved in initiatives for community betterment, thus making a substantial contribution towards the progress and welfare of the communities we touch.


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We bring innovative ideas to life, creating an inspiring reality.


At Zawaya Properties, our sales team is dedicated to developing effective strategies and marketing plans for all of our real estate projects. This team selects the best offers and sales programs for our products, and creatively presents them to our clients to meet their satisfaction and preferences.


We believe that the leasing process is essential to achieving the desired quality of service. Our leasing team begins by sketching a marketing plan for the project, which includes a study of the potential tenant mix, fixing the fair lease values, and selecting the targeted clients for each residential or commercial project. They then visit potential clients, introduce the project, and close the deal by signing the contract and delivering the leased units.

Real Estate Management

At Zawaya Properties, our dedicated team of professionals excels in real estate management. We meticulously oversee the operations, maintenance, and day-to-day activities of properties under our care. Our focus is on ensuring the highest level of tenant satisfaction, optimizing property performance, and maximizing investment returns. With our profound knowledge and proactive mindset, our utmost dedication lies in providing streamlined property management services that amplify the worth and enduring potential of our clients' real estate assets.

Real Estate Development

Zawaya Properties is at the forefront of real estate development. Our experienced team identifies and seizes promising opportunities to bring visionary projects to life. From conceptualization to execution, we meticulously plan, design, and construct properties that set new benchmarks in quality, innovation, and sustainability. We ardently strive to craft spaces that transcend mere client satisfaction and foster a transformative influence on the surrounding community. Driven by an unwavering pursuit of greatness, our vision encompasses shaping the real estate landscape through avant-garde developments that leave an indelible imprint on the future.

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Join us and be part of our exceptional team at Zawaya Properties.

We offer exciting career opportunities that empower you to unleash your potential and contribute to innovative real estate projects. Join our dynamic team and embark on a rewarding journey of growth, collaboration, and professional development.

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